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Prof Bansibadan Maji

Professor Electronics and Communication Engineering... View Profile

Prof Anup Kumar Bhattacharjee

Professor Antenna, EM Theory, Radar Engg., Microwave Circuit... View Profile

Prof Sumit Kundu

Professor Wireless Communication and Networking Cognitive Ra... View Profile

Prof Gautam Kumar Mahanti

Professor Array Antenna Synthesis,Antenna,Microwave,Evolutio... View Profile

Prof Ashis Kumar Mal

Professor ECE: Mixed Signal VLSI, Simulator Assisted Automat... View Profile

Prof Rowdra Ghatak

Professor Fractal Antenna, Metamaterials, Application Of Evo... View Profile

Prof Rajat Mahapatra

Professor Semiconductor Devices And Technology,VLSI, MEMS... View Profile

Prof Susanta Sen

Professor Quantum electron devices, VLSI Design... View Profile

Dr Pratik Chakraborty

Inspire Faculty Dynamic Spectrum Access in 5G Wireless Networks... View Profile

Dr Durbadal Mandal

Associate Professor Antenna Optimization; DSP Filter Optimization; Sof... View Profile

Mr Tapas Sadhukhan

Associate Professor Signals, Systems, Transmission... View Profile

Dr Rajib Kar

Associate Professor VLSI, Signal Processing, Optimization.... View Profile

Dr Aniruddha Chandra

Associate Professor mmWave for 5G, Vehicular communication, Free space... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Dhar Roy

Associate Professor Wireless Communication (Radio Resource Management,... View Profile

Mr Aurpan Majumder

Assistant Professor Computational Systems Biology, Digital Image... View Profile

Dr Sujit Kumar Mandal

Assistant Professor Synthesis Of Antenna Arrays Using Evolutionary Alg... View Profile

Dr Nilanjan Chattaraj

Assistant Professor Smart materials based devices and systems, Struct... View Profile

Dr Hemanta Kumar Mondal

Assistant Professor Energy-efficient interconnect architectures, VLSI ... View Profile

Ms Sapana Ranwa

Assistant Professor Metal Oxide Semiconductors based gas sensors... View Profile