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Prof Arvind Choubey

Director Soft Computing, Signal and Image Processing,Commun... View Profile

Prof Tapas Kumar Saha

Professor Machine Drives,Power Electronics, Non Conventional... View Profile

Prof Saradindu Ghosh

Professor Power Systems, High Voltage Engineering... View Profile

Prof Sankar Narayan Mahato

Professor Electrical Machines And Drives, Renewable Energy S... View Profile

Prof Nirmal Kumar Roy

Professor High Voltage Engineering, Magnetic Field... View Profile

Prof Siddhartha Sankar Thakur

Professor Power Systems State Estimation, Dynamic State Esti... View Profile

Dr Parimal Acharjee

Professor Soft-Computing Techniques Such As GA, PSO, DE, Fuz... View Profile

Prof Chiranjib Koley

Professor Measurement and Instrumentation... View Profile

Dr Subrata Banerjee

Professor Electromagnetic Levitation,Active Magnetic Bearin... View Profile

Dr Jayati Dey

Associate Professor Control System, Periodic, Robust Control... View Profile

Dr Partha Sarathee Bhowmik

Associate Professor Energy system engineering, numerical computation o... View Profile

Dr Aritro Dey

Assistant Professor Control System, State and Parameter... View Profile

Dr Ashis Kumar Dhara

Assistant Professor Computer-aided Diagnosis System, AI, Machine Learn... View Profile

Dr Biman Kumar Saha Roy

Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Supriya Sarkar

Assistant Professor Electrical Power Distribution System... View Profile

Mr Avinandan Das

Assistant Professor Stepper Motor, EM fields, Machine Drives, Power Sy... View Profile

Dr Aniruddha Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Power System Analysis, Power System Small Signal S... View Profile

Dr Suman Halder

Assistant Professor Biomedical Instrumentation, Biomedical Modelling... View Profile

Dr Irfan Ahmed

Assistant Professor Multilevel Inverters, Pulsewidth Modulation Techni... View Profile

Mr Jitesh Chandra Barman

Assistant Professor Machines Drives... View Profile

Dr Tushar Kanti Bera

Assistant Professor Medical Imaging Computed Tomography... View Profile

Dr Aashish Kumar Bohre

Assistant Professor Power System Stability, Renewable Energy... View Profile