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Prof Anupam Basu

Director Embedded Systems, Natural Language Processing... View Profile

Prof Subrata Nandi

Professor Communication Networks, Hybrid Network Modelling a... View Profile

Prof Tandra Pal

Professor Evolutionary Computation (EC), Multi-objective Opt... View Profile

Prof Debashis Nandi

Professor Image Processing and enhancement, super-resolution... View Profile

Prof Suchismita Roy

Professor Algorithms for VLSI Design and Test.... View Profile

Prof Goutam Sanyal

Professor Computer Vision/Image Processing, AI?Machine Learn... View Profile

Dr Subhrabrata Choudhury

Associate Professor Networking and Distributed Systems, Communication ... View Profile

Dr Goutam Sarkar

Associate Professor Handwritten Text Summarization,Text Categorization... View Profile

Dr Animesh Dutta

Associate Professor Operating System, Distributed Computing, Advanced ... View Profile

Dr Suvamoy Changder

Associate Professor Quantum Computing, Information Security, Steganogr... View Profile

Dr Saravanan Chandran

Associate Professor Digital Image Processing, Image Compression, Quali... View Profile

Dr Baisakhi Chakraborty

Associate Professor DBMS, Knowledge Systems... View Profile

Dr Debasis Mitra

Associate Professor Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Organizat... View Profile

Dr Tanmay De

Associate Professor Optical Network, Delay Tolerant Network, Wireless ... View Profile

Dr Anirban Sarkar

Associate Professor Software Architecture, Database and Data warehouse... View Profile

Dr Sajal Mukhopadhyay

Associate Professor Algorithmic game theory and its applications, ... View Profile

Dr Dakshina Ranjan Kisku

Associate Professor Biometrics, Computer Vision, Pattern Classificatio... View Profile

Dr Bibhash Sen

Associate Professor Software Engineering, Design And Testing Of Digita... View Profile

Dr Jaydeep Howlader

Assistant Professor Cryptography, Automata and Theory Of Computation, ... View Profile

Mr Nanda Dulal Jana

Assistant Professor Soft Computing (Evolutionary Algorithms, Artificia... View Profile

Mr Subhankar Majhi

Assistant Professor VLSI,Computer Graphics... View Profile

Dr Suvrojit Das

Assistant Professor FLAT (Formal Language and Automata Theory), Compil... View Profile

Dr Mamata Dalui Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Multiprocessor and Multicore Architecture, Distrib... View Profile

Dr Prasenjit Choudhury

Assistant Professor Mobile Computing... View Profile

Dr Sandip Karmakar

Assistant Professor Cryptography, Cellular Automata... View Profile

Dr Parag Kumar Guhathakurta

Assistant Professor Database Management System, Network, Algorithm.... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Sharma

Assistant Professor Mobile Computing,Mobile Cloud Computing,... View Profile

Dr Sujoy Saha

Assistant Professor Networking, Mobile Communication, Graph Theory, Sy... View Profile

Dr Sanghita Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, ... View Profile

Dr Rajib Kumar Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Software Engineering.... View Profile

Dr Sanjib Sadhu

Assistant Professor Algorithm Analysis and Design, Computational Geome... View Profile

Dr Deepanwita Das

Assistant Professor Swarm Robotics, Distributed Algorithms, Simulation... View Profile


Project Associate Data Mining, Information Systems, Social Media, Po... View Profile